Amazing Brazil

5 years ago I packed my bags for a huge adventure in Brazil. 2 weeks from Rio de Janeiro to Iguassu Falls, Bonito, Pantanal and back to Rio. I couldn´t ask for a better group to travel around with. We had so much fun together and when I think of Brazil I have so much laughter on my mind, you can not imagine. We had to many Caipirinhas on this trip and afterwards I had to detox myself :o).

Brazil is a huge country, so there were lots of distances to pass. Twice we took flights to save time. The trip started in Rio, where I first visited Favela Rocinah. It´s not the safest place to visit but it was worth it. After Rio we drove down the coast to Ilha Grande, Paraty. It´s such a lovely little town where pirates used to live in the 17th century, in the old part no cars are being allowed. Once we got there we rented some bikes, biked through the jungle to have fun at some natural slides. The other day we spent the whole day on a boat, which I loved a lot. Ilha Grande is a beautiful coast and we had an amazing upcoming storm to chase, which performed in an incredible sky.

From Paraty we drove to Sao Paolo to take a flight to Iguassu Falls. These waterfalls are just mind-blowing and right on the boarder of Argentina and Paraguay. First we took a helicopter flight to get to see how incredible big they are. So amazing…We visited both sides which everybody should do, since you will miss out something. On the brazilian  side you can go very close to the falls from the bottom. You get soaked but you can feel the power of these waterfalls. For me it was the best spot ever, the one at the very end, I was just mesmerized. On the argentinean side you can go on a boat and you get so see the falls from the top, which is called „Garganta del Diabolo“ = Devils throat. What a spectacular natural wonder. I loved it and it was a highlight of the trip. I am not going to show the party photos we took at night…lots of Caipirinhas, I tell you ;o).

Have you ever heard of Bonito? Isn’t it a beautiful name? It´s a tiny little town with something very special close by. There is a crystal clear river in the jungle where you can go snorkeling. I felt like in the ocean actually and I am really scared of fish. I just don´t like fish :o), especially not in the jungle in Brazil where I thought of piranhas and these black fish in the water, I am 100% sure they were piranhas ;o)…. Well it was nice to see and experience, but I felt better once being out of the water –  alive ;o).

Before we headed back to Rio we had two nights in Pantanal. Pantanal is a natural region encompassing the world’s largest tropical wetland area. Two nights sleeping in hammocks and a very rustic accommodation in the middle of nowhere. You can not imagine how relaxing it was. Some nice walks, horseback riding, a safari, piranha fishing and at night the most incredible sky I had seen in years. And of course bonfires and again Caipirinhas, way too many with the cowboys on the ranch we stayed.

We flew back to Rio after some amazing days, which will stay in my mind forever.

Here are some of my impression…enjoy ;o).

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