Cartagena, Colombia – The pearl of the Caribbean

If you love tropical caribbean vibes, colorful colonial architecture, Salsa, life music, good coffee, wine, ceviche and seafood – Cartagena is the place to go!

After traveling 10 days through the colombian Andes flying in from Medellín, the incredible heat of this place hit me. We only had 3 nights in Cartagena in which I was sick and didn´t feel well enough to stay outside all day. My body couldn´t deal with the heat and humidity somehow or being back to water level. So I definitely didn´t have enough time to discover this magical town and the close by wonderful caribbean islands.

Cartagenas´s old town, the historic stone-walled old city is a UNESCO World Heritage,  still kind of breathing the air of the colonial times. I loved strolling through the vibrant, colorful cobblestone streets and to soak in the atmosphere. It felt like stepping back in time.

Do you know ceviche? I love it, it´s a peruvian raw fish dish and I have to admit, I had the best ever in Cartagena, so delicious.  The city is filled with very good restaurants and great salsa bars for the night. I wish I had more time there, but a reason to come back one day maybe. And it was the second week of January and the city was still full of christmas decoration :-).

Here are my impressions of this beautiful place called „Pearl of the Caribbean“.

And this is the song I am listening to, which reminds me of Cartagena ;o)

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